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Sofa Beds

Sofa Beds

At The Bed Shop our customers demand quality and value for money in our sofa beds. Therefore we are always more than happy to oblige. Because every room is different there can't only be one type of sofa bed. Consequently we supply the more traditional metal action type. We also offer the more contemporary click clack sofa bed for that more modern room

Sofa beds are great for that funny shaped spare room. You don't want a single or double bed in it but a sofa bed might be perfect because of it's flexibility. When Mum or Dad wants to watch their favourite programme on the telly and get a bit of peace and quiet. Then it's just the 'sofa' that gets used. Guests unexpectedly turn up so that's when the 'bed' part is useful.

Finally we would like to invite you to browse our fantastic range.

Sofa beds