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Pillows and mattress protectors

Pillows and mattress protectors

At The Bed Shop the bedding we provide consists of a small, carefully selected range of very competitively priced pillows and mattress protectors.

How about synthetic pillows?

We have both synthetic-based pillows and natural pillows. As the range is small we choose carefully to give you the best value for money. A good pillow is as important to the sleeper as a good bed. Your neck and spine need optimum support in order for you to function properly. With that in mind we hope we've got the right pillow for you, and at the right price. We only stock pillows from NBF member companies so you know the quality is going to be good. An example of this is the Bounce pillow from Sweet Dreams. Synthetic pillows usually contain polyester spiral fibre and give a more gentle neck support. The latest technology in pillows is geltex which is a cooler version of memory foam. It perfectly moulds to the shape of the sleepers neck therefore giving extremely good support.

....or maybe you'd prefer a more natural pillow

Natural-based pillows tend to be made from latex foam. Latex is the sap of the rubber tree and has been around for a very long time. It supports the sleepers neck better than almost every other pillow on the market. It is completely ventilated so offers the sleeper a very cool nights sleep. A latex pillow from Dunlopillo is probably the most durable pillow on the market. It is made in a mould so there is no shrinkage when washing. It is also very hygenic and is therefore particularly recommended for asthma sufferers with its health benefits. We would recommend theĀ  Dunlopillo Super Comfort pillow which offers excellent value for money.

You should always consider a mattress protector

It is very much recommended to buy a mattress protector when buying a new mattress. A good mattress protector will not only protect your new mattress but also its guarantee. Sometimes a mattress which is stained or soiled will nullify the terms of the guarantee. The mattress protector we sell is from Slumberfleece and we've sold it for a very long time. With it's elasticated corners it will fit snugly on most mattresses. It has a terry towelling panel and is completely washable and to 95 degrees! At The Bed Shop we would always recommend a mattress protector.

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